Sculptures in a Park

Sculpture is, in my opinion, an endangered form of art, which is why if you want to enjoy it you have to head to a park. Exactly like you would, if you wanted to look at animals.  Personally I enjoy sculpture parks because they give children a chance to interact with art in an informal context. So to escape the heat, we did a family outing to Bad Ragaz, in Switzerland.

The Triennale takes over much of the town and the quality of the works is varied, to say the least; but the unpretention is refreshing. Most sculptors being commisioned a work for a park, are aware that their art will be abused, and treated as some form of obstacle course. The smart ones play on this inevitability, and conceive arresting works one can interact with. The best way to immerse yourself in art is to climb it!

Works by Adrian Künzi (top picture) and Werner Bitzigeio (bottom picture)