Cooling Effect

Things change and acquire value from a different perspective. Time allows your perception to mature and context produces new meanings.

So while I am sitting on my terrace, midnight approaching, and the thermometer is showing 31 degrees celsius, I look back to the Snarkitecture  installation and FEEL a cool breeze. Designed for Cos – yes, the fashion brand – for the Salone del Mobile 2015, this white scenography, entirely made of paper stripes, resembled somehow an ice cave. As you walked through, the air moved made the weightless paper shiver. My husband is right: temperature is purely subjective!

Sculptures in a Park

Sculpture is, in my opinion, an endangered form of art, which is why if you want to enjoy it you have to head to a park. Exactly like you would, if you wanted to look at animals.  Personally I enjoy sculpture parks because they give children a chance to interact with art in an informal context. So to escape the heat, we did a family outing to Bad Ragaz, in Switzerland.

The Triennale takes over much of the town and the quality of the works is varied, to say the least; but the unpretention is refreshing. Most sculptors being commisioned a work for a park, are aware that their art will be abused, and treated as some form of obstacle course. The smart ones play on this inevitability, and conceive arresting works one can interact with. The best way to immerse yourself in art is to climb it!

Works by Adrian Künzi (top picture) and Werner Bitzigeio (bottom picture)

Learn your Papers

For almost ten years of my life I worked mainly as a graphic designer. Having studied architecture the background was good enough, but most of the technicalities I learned by doing. Papers however, are a whole universe! Most people stick to a few favourites and never try anything else. Which is why if you are planning a carrer in graphic design you need to get your hands on this book.

Fedrigoni, probably currently the top manufacturer of quality papers, has put together a manual that will initiate you to the art of printing on paper. The compact and clear booklet comes complete with paper samples. Yes, clearly this is one smart marketing tool (once a Fedrogoni, aleays a Fedrigoni), but if all advertising were this useful no one would complain!

Positano Maiolica

Maiolica is the name of the Italian tin-glazed pottery dating from the Italian Renaissance, generally decorated in bright colours on a white background. Its production is still widespread but most contemporary works are either bad copies of classics, or tacky “modern” designs. Fortunately there are always enough exceptions, and when I was in Positano last month I was struck by a large architectural sculpture in… yellow!

The work, by Giuseppe Ducrot, decorates a new terrace at the (beautifully decorated) hotel Le Sirenuse. Bringing together classical elements of baroque architecture, it looks a cross between an operesque scenography and an altar. I love the fact that such a large composition could be made in striking monochrome pottery!


My friends know that I never complain about the heat. The current weather however, has proved to be a real challenge. My brain has literally stalled from over heating. Which is way I have not been able to piece together a blog entry for several days. So apologies to my readers for having disappeared without warning.

The good side of a 35+ degrees temperature, is that the kids’ swimming has improved hugely and we have had some fun nights sleeping on the beach. This week the heat is not going to diminish but with air conditioning being installed, hopefully I will be able to get back to my routine!

Positano View

The real beauty of Positano is its many views: of the sea from the terraces, of the houses from the sea, of the streets from below, of the cupola from above. There are so many steps in Positano you are never going to be gazing at the same vista. For the most spectacular view of them all however, you will have to climb two thousands steps to Nocelle.

Nocelle is a small village, 400 meters above Positano, old and beautiful, with lemon trees spilling over the orchard’s walls and basil plants growing on the side of the pavement. If you make it all the way you have earned yourself a meal at the Ristorante Santa Croce. And if you are still up for an 8km walk, you can take the Sentiero degli Dei all the way to Agerola.

Golden Summer

Silver shines on tanned skin but gold remains my favourite precious shade, even in summer. We may have seen a lot of copper in the last years but we do not seem to have tired of the warm coloured metal – together with brass, bronze and gold it still feels irresistible. So in the hot Corfiot sun I have put together something old (the apple ice bucket), something new (the round box), something blue (in a ceramic jug). Now if you want to borrow anything just drop by!