The first Biennale for art, design, and architecture
11.6. - 4.10.2015

The Vienna Biennale 2015 will take place from 11 June through 4 October, 2015. It is the first event of its kind to combine art, design, and architecture, with the aim of generating creative ideas and artistic projects to help improve the world. Its category-spanning, interdisciplinary approach and combination of artistic ambition and the creative economy …


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MAK / Workshops

Mobile reporting workshop

2051: Smart Life in the City. Stadtradio Orange

Workshop about mobile reporting: - use your smartphone as a radiostation in your pocket. Presented by the MAK and Radio Orange 94.0.

Please bring your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) with you. 

Registration required: by 2 July 2015.
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AIL / Performances

Barbis Ruder: Wertschöpfungskette: 2F – Attacke

Performing Public Art

Value Chain (2013–2015) is a series of works comprising various body interventions in public space.

Value Chain (2013–2015) is a series of works comprising various body interventions in public space.

1F – Attack is the sixth work in the series. In the early morning hours, Barbis Ruder runs up against a rotating advertising column. Like a fly attracted by the light, the artist smacks against the column again and again.

In 2F – Attack, the live version of the video, six artists throw themselves against facades and closed doors. Through their “tilting at windmills,” the artists attack the institutions with their own flesh and blood. The intervention will take place along a route between MAK, Angewandte, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Kunsthalle MQ and Architekturzentrum Wien. In a repetition of the same rhythm, first the artists lie exhausted on the ground, only to rise again, run to the next location, and undertake the next attempt.

Art transport between Angewandte Innovation Laboratory (AIL) – MAK – Angewandte – Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz – Kunsthalle MQ – Architekturzentrum Wien

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MAK / Talks, Vienna Biennale Nites

Vienna Biennale Nite powered by Pecha Kucha

2051: Smart Life in the City

Short presentation of the Demonstrators and "change makers"
Powered by Pecha-Kucha
MAK Columned Main Hall

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Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary / Collateral Events, Performances


Ten spoken word-performances

With EPHEMEROPTERÆ 2015, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary will launch...

With EPHEMEROPTERÆ 2015, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary launches the fourth consecutive season of the foundation’s summer season spoken-word performance series held in ten prolonged episodes, curated by Daniela Zyman and Boris Ondreička. These unique, open-air acts explore the rich traditions and evanescent articulations of poetry, literature, performance, philosophy, and language-based artistic practice at TBA21–Augarten. EPHEMEROPTERÆ—referring to species which live only for a brief moment—stages the fleeting emergence of singular and truly remarkable voices performing, displaying, and choreographing spoken expression.

With Ann Cotten with Kerstin Cmelka, Pablo Leon de la Barra, T. J. Demos, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ines Doujak with John Barker, Jimmie Durham and Maria Thereza Alves, Anselm Franke, Cesar Garcia, Nastio Mosquito, Ernesto Neto and the Huni Kuin, Emily Roysdon...

On Friday, 19, 26 June, 3, 17, 31 July, 21, 28 August, and 4, 11, 18 September, always at 7pm
Free of charge

For further details check

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The Street / Demonstrators

future.lab, TU Wien. "above"

2051: Smart Life in the City. The Street (Demonstrator #6)

The project über experiments with all the things that remain out of reach above the streets. With a network of ropes, an experiential space will be created that we can explore in our imagination.
All day
Künstlergasse, 1150 Vienna

Creative directors: future.lab, Faculty for Architecture and Planning, TU Wien
Project team: Martin Berger, Aglaja Bitzinger, Alexander Diem, Lisa Gallian, Bianca Gamser, Juraj Haris, Charlotte Heller, Dmytro Isaiev, Michael Leiner, Sarah Leuchtenmüller, Isabella Klebinger, Birgit Miksch, Mathias Mitteregger, Vanessa-Maria Müller, Eva-Maria Petrakakis, Julia Puchegger, Michael Rieper, Daniela Röggla, Marlene Rutzendorfer, Rudolf Scheuvens, Emanuela Semlitsch, Denizhan Sezer, Ekaterina Timina, Bianca Zulus

With generous support from Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung: GB*6/14/15, GB*7/8/16 and GB*10

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AIL / Performances

Amy Spiers, Catherine Ryan: Ordering the Public

Performing Public Art

A group of hired security guards will patrol selected public areas in Vienna...

A group of hired security guards will patrol selected public areas in Vienna during the Performing Public Art Festival. At designated times, a single behavior will no longer be “acceptable” in a particular public space. These behaviors will be simple, innocuous things, such as speaking loudly, using a phone, walking in certain areas, sticking your hands in your pockets, sitting down, or wearing certain types of clothing. It will then be the guards’ job to approach members of the public and request that they desist from the behavior that is temporarily “inappropriate.” Ordering the Public is part of a series of works by Spiers and Ryan that explore and interfere with what is visible and permissible in public space.

Meeting point: AIL
: Mariahilfer Straße, Praterstern, and other busy places in Vienna

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12:00 –

MAK / Tours

Vienna Biennale MAK Tour

Tour of the highlights of the Vienna Biennale at the MAK

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