Daylight / Neonlight

 When people renovate their flat/house/mansion and get to the point of discussing lighting with a professional, they always ask for daylight looking illumination. Sly lighting designers are quick to enquire to the light of which hour of tha day, in which time of the year is the client referring to. And with that, the conversation is over. 

This ultimately is the reason, I find Eduardo Coimbra’s work Natural Light so great. Natural light is an aspiration, something which is considered the golden standard. And on a cloudy day in November I would rather have a neon tube. 

Shiny Steel  

Do you remember the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz? He was always my favourite in the story, because he had such a great look. Someone else in the design world must have felt the same way. 

Nino Ciminna is very very old, but still works in his workshop in Palermo. He has hand-cut, curved and bent twelve pendant lamps designed by Vittorio Venezia. More than lamps, these shiny steel objects – called  4decimi – look like mysterious kitchen utensils and containers. When hanging all together, the effect is of a theatre scenography. Sculptural and beautifully executed with tin welding (the old way!), they are both futuristic and rural. Now I just need to wear my red shoes, click the heels and take them with me back home. 


It’s a Crafty Torch

My son has a new friend. They bonded over the technicalities of LED lamps. His name is Dean Brown and he is one of the nicest people I have met lately. He also happens to be a very talented designer. He was in Graz vor the opening of Unikat – the exhibition I curated – and we took the opportunity, to organise a three days Torch Craft workshop.

Because the torches would be hand carved in wood, I decided it was the kind of activity my husband would approve of, so Cosimo could skip school and participate for half a day. He was ecstatic, but being eight years old, rather impatient with the speed at which the work was proceeding. He sketched his torch and left Dean to finish it. The result is a fantastic invention: perfectly suited to the podgy hands of a child, it looks half way between a Neanderthal tool and a Star Trek laser beam. Useless to say a complete success!

I have had to play ghosts all weekend, with me hiding in the dark and Cosimo chasing me with his new torch. Thanks Dean!

Serip Shine

Sometimes the difference between kitsch and chic is so small it is more a question of subjectivity than objectivity. Serip is a portoguese manufacturer of lamps, which are neither discreet nor frugal. Crystal and bronze are used lavishly to mimick the forms of nature. The artisanship is higly skilled and the result is admirable. I actually fell quite in love with them. Keep the rest simple and your Serip light will truly shine!

Lego Light

As you might know, I write my blog in bed, before going to sleep at night. Sometimes, if I am inspired and don’t take too long, I also read for a while. My husband is a very patient kind of person and mostly he just falls asleep. Sometimes however, he complains about the light and gets grumpy. 

My friend Sarah, who either knows or guessed as much, has just given me a really useful gadget: a Lego man torch! Needless to say, my children were outraged that I should get such a cool present and not them. I will have to keep a close eye on my new friend, if I don’t want him kidnapped. 

Forest Lamp


Sometimes you find an object you would like to build a whole room around it. Forest Lamp by Ontwerpduo commands such respect. The way it crawls on the ceiling and around corners makes it a living object. Do you think it might grow at night once the lights are out? It is produced by &Tradition, a young Danish that has build the foundations of its collection on a few danish classics.

Now just let me think which room I could empty to let the Forest breath…