Design Anthology: A Magazine

Airports are great places to find new magazines. My latest discovery is called Design Anthology and is a (design!) magazine aimed at expats in Asia. Only a year old, it is published quarterly; the paper is luxuriously matt, and the layout is elegantly less rather than confusingly more. The feel is of leafing through a book and although I don’t travel (yet?) much to Asia it is nice to be updated on how design is perceived outside Europe

Repost: About Food Design


First published on October 23rd 2014

The first time I heard someone mention Food Design I thought they were being pretentious. Surely food does not need designers to give it shape and aesthetics? Surely that is a cook’s job?

The food we consume rarely looks the same way in its original form. Like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, many comestible products have gone through some form of transformation. Yes, most cooks are perfectly capable of implementing these changes without the support of a designer, but that does not mean the food is not designed. Sausages, chocolate, bread, fish fingers, pasta, candies, are some of the foods to be designed. The shape of food has foremost a practical reason -usually to improve preparation and cooking – it normally has an aesthetic appeal, and sometimes a symbolic or religious meaning. The same food can have different shapes based on culture and geography and the way it looks is subject to fashions more than we are aware of.

For some time now we have had food with geometric abstract shapes: it would give a martian no clue on its true nature! But what do you think our food will look like in the next ten years?


Write like a Tiger


You cannot go to Paris and not spend an afternoon shopping. It just isn’t done. And while you might want to splash it all on “essentials” from Iro, and on “extravagants” from Manoush, the real finds for me are always at the papeterie.

I simply cannot resist stationary, and you must agree that one extra notebook can do no harm. So I bought four from Papier Tigre and got the tote to carry them back home. I was roaring the whole way!

Forecast the Future


The routine might have already set in. You might feel it has already been ages since the year begun. But January is still running and it is not too late to do some planning and future mapping. So tonight I am early in bed and getting through Monocle’s Forecast.

I read Monocle occasionally, but mostly I find the style of the magazine dry, the articles interrupted and the photography not inspiring. On the other hand Monocle is a 360 degrees enterprise with radio programmes to meet all tastes (I download the podcasts before any trip); shops in London, Hong Kong, New York, Toronto and on-line; and so great annual publications. The Forecast is the latest addition and if you want to be looking in the right direction you better get reading.

Little Luxuries


When travelling I find staying with friends is always nicer than staying in a hotel. If on top of that the friends in question prepare the room with little treats than you are one lucky girl! Tonight I found a beautiful packagef soap on my bed and the latest edition of Cabana Magazine.

Another brainchild of Martina Mondadori, Cabana is a large size, smart magazine with beautiful photography of interriors and some good writing (rare meechandise these days). So although you will not find it in your local newsagent, you either order it online or stay at a friend’s house!

Gift Guide: Best Design Magazines


There has been a lack of snow around here this year and you might therefor be forgiven if December has slipped you by and you have not yet bought all your Christmas presents. Now it is getting a little late, especially if like me, you do not live in a big decadent and materialistic metropolis (sob sob…). So what to do? Personally I think one of the best presents is a subscription to a magazine; so here are my favourite and best (mostly design) magazines!

1. Wallpaperstill the number one
2. Frameinterior design for advanced
3. Cereallayout and photography to die for
4. Ideatthe best selection for interiors
5. Novumgraphic design for german speakers
6. Domusthe Italian classic
7. Elle Decorthe relaxing option
8. Monoclewhen designers go into business
9. ADthe best houses
10. The New Yorker – nothing to do with design but hey, sometimes you need to know what else happens around the world!



Since I have been writing a blog my mother sends me per email tips and readings she thinks I should be reviewing. It is somewhat of a family thing, since my grandfather used to do exactly the same back in the days of paper clippings. Most of my mother’s recommendations are not eligible since I can not check them out in the flesh, but a couple of weeks ago something caught my eye.

Looklateral is an art magazine unusual in two respects: there are more written words than pictures and the texts are comprehensible AND well written. If you add to it that it is graphically interesting and that it reads like a book, you can imagine I am hooked. The website complements the magazine and the two together feel as unpretentious as seldom art writing does. So no more excuses, let’s get reading about art!