Statistics as Tool

On of my biggest challenges is to see things early enough, so that when I write about them, you can still check them out yourself. Alas, it is a race against time and sometimes time wins. My students at the Exhibition Design Master in Graz put on a great exhibition, which I saw last week, on its last day. 

Aptly called JakOH!mini it tried to describe an area of town, which despite renewed investments, and concerted efforts, remains undervalued and sadly, unappealing. With statistics and observation, the 17 students captured, through as many installations, different aspects of the Jakomini street. We get noise charts, sun and shadow schemes, paths and colour maps. Clearly I love all my students and consider them all exceedingly bright. But without being partial, the exhibition was clear, well thought out and – most rare – betrayed a sense of humour. What I enjoyed most, was how I was reminded of the importance of observing, analysing and counting data. I tend to be too deductive but deep knowledge is empirical. Long live statistics!