The Vienna Biennale

No, it’s not a spelling mistake. I still have to see the Venice one but in the meantime I checked out the first Vienna Biennale. It is the latest offering of the MAK which aims to combine Art, Design and Architecture in one event. This year the event is called Ideas for Change and the exhibitions offered aim to question how we want to live our cities in the future. The idea of course is that creativity can improve our way of living, but what transpired is that politics have a lot more to do with change, than the efforts of artists, designers and architects. 

Smart Life in the City proposes alternatives scenarios for key situations in cities like hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, schools, markets etc. With a successfull mixture of text, videos, images and designers’ intervention it creates a thought provoking environment and easy to follow discourse. 

Uneven Growth instead examinse 6 megapolis and how they have successfully developed coping strategies in the last years. Highly scenographic and with diverse and smart graphics, this small exhibition totally captured me. Also, just goes to show that practical examples are much more poignant that theoretica ideas. If we really want to change ideas are not enough!