At the Reggia of Caserta


For those of you who might have not yet guessed, my husband and I are on a little Italian holiday to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Today we were at the Reggia of Caserta, less than an hour from Naples. So close in fact, that from the spectactular waterfall you can see both the Vesuvius and Capri.

The vast regal palace was designed for Charles III – before he became King of Spain – and it was to rival Versailles. Being Italy there are less gilded mirrors and more marbles, but the never ending sequence of rooms is just as breathtaking. The paintings on the walls might not be outstanding but the silks surely are; and so is the furniture, the curtains, the floors and the decorations on the ceilings. It is an interior decorators paradise. The richness, harmony and detail make me blush to have ever thought minimalism could be an answer.