An Amazing Feat

Schermata 2015-06-04 alle 09.00.15

Among all the tragedies we hear about daily, there is one piece of news we should all be really excited about. A solar plane trying to circumnavigate the globe. The Solar Impulse looks a little like an insect with the longest wings ever: 72 meters to carry just 2,300 Kg (the weight of a car) and just one passenger. On the wings 17,000 solar cells supply four electric motors with renewable energy, day and night. The driving force (and pilots!) of this amazing Leonardesque machine are Swiss explorers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg.

The aim is of course to demonstrate that clean technologies and renewable energies are sustainable and realistic solutions for this century, but for me this incredible project demonstrates much more. It shows the very best of human nature: pioneering spirit, courage, curiosity, and the constant desire to push the limits in order to find better ways of living on our planet.

The Round-The-World flight started from Abu Dhabi, on March 9. The Solar Impulse is currently waiting better weather conditions in Nagoya, Japan. You can follow the trip here.

Image (c) Solar Impulse/Jean Revillard