Fantastischen Welten

Yesterday in Vienna I successfully bargained with my daughter: for every minute at the Zoo we were going to have a minute at the Kunsthistorische. We had two hours looking at polar bears, pandas, koalas and snakes which meant we really took our time at the spectacular exhibition Fantastische Welten

I am not as comfortable with Northern Europe’s high Renaissance as with Italy’s, finding the sharp and angular forms sometimes hard to appreciate. Yet this time I understood the pathos and ingenuity of the compositions. And loved the masterfull way the artists of the time carved wood. 

As you enter the exhibition you will be bewitched by the detailes and expressions of the apostles as they discover the Holy Virgin has ascended to heaven. The figures, carved in wood between 1516 and 1525, are part of the very large altar piece in Zwettl. It looks like I need to add a new destination to my bucket list…