Life as a Curator

I have done it: I have curated my first exhibition! UNIKAT opened yesterday in Graz and the feedback and reaction of all at the opening, surpassed greatly my expectations. Enjoying the crowd (and the drinks!) with many of the designers participating in the show, reminded me that whichever field you work in, whatever your work is about, what really counts are the people. And I am very grateful they trusted me to put their works on show.

Defining Design has become like defining Art: more a philosophical quest than an exercise in semantics. As growing number of designers disregard the dogmas of industrial production in pursuit of alternative paths, they often work independently, acting also as makers and crafters, self-producing their own designs, or working in close contact with artisans. We are both moving forward to new and more varied production systems, and also looking back to when Arts and Crafts cohabited in the same dimension. It seems the two methodologies of Art and Design are once again mixing and morphing, and we are in need of new definitions. UNIKAT presents works on the disappearing boundary between art and design, in an attempt to question preconceptions about the two disciplines and redefine classification.