Dossofiorito’s Poetry

When spring timidily approaches, I get all excited about gardening, and in spite lacking a green thumb, I enthusiastically start buy plants for the house. The choice of pots however, is not quite as exciting as the choice of flowers. Fortunately the design duo Dossofiorito are on a mission to fill the gap. Last year they presented a series of hand thrown terracotta pots with bizzare and curious appendices. Like for example a magnifying glass to better inspect the structure of a petal, or to check no parassites are moving in! 

Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo are behind Dossofiorito. I met Livia a few years back in Graz; she is a little elf with a voice like the music of a piccolo. Gianluca stands next to her like the big friendly giant. Their idea behind the Phytophiler project is not to simply create nice pots, but to build a new sensibility to the plants around us. They call it a project of care and exchange, within beauty. I call it a poetic approach to design!